Soft Launch – AIM Report Writing

sqlsat447_webAIM Report Writing will celebrate a “Soft Launch” of their website, blog, and services at the Dallas SQL Saturday event on Saturday, October 3, 2015.

Chief Executive Officer, Ryan P. Casey, will be presenting at the SQL Saturday event in Dallas, discussing “The Data Loading Performance Guide” in a presentation format.

Loading huge amounts of data into SQL Server can be a challenging task. When doing it, there are quite a few factors that can help, or hurt your goal for tuned performance. For this reason, bulk loading with large amounts of data requires strategy.

For that strategy, Microsoft has published a famous whitepaper called “The Data Loading Performance Guide.” The problem is that this guide is long and full of small details, that can be confusing and daunting at a first glance.

In this session, we will turn this whitepaper into a presentation and talk about the ways you can create a strategy to optimize your massive data loading processes by applying the techniques mentioned in the whitepaper, as well as other advanced techniques that have emerged since the whitepaper was published.

Among other topics, we will talk about solutions to achieve High Performance Data Loading, Minimal Logging and Bulk Loading, Indexing Techniques, SQL Server 2014 Delayed Durability, and more.

Presentation Highlights

  • Understanding Minimally Logged Operations
  • Trace Flag 610
  • Summarizing Minimal Logging Conditions
  • Delayed Durability

Bulk Load Methods

  • Integration Services Data Destinations
  • Bulk Copy Program (BCP)
  • Choosing Between Bulk Load Methods
  • Data Compression and Bulk Load
  • Other Minimally Logged and Metadata-Only Operations
  • Solving Typical Scenarios with Bulk Loading
  • Optimizing Bulk Load

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