My YouTube and WordPress Vision

During the 4th Quarter of 2016, I spent many months questing after the knowledge of producing my own YouTube channel. When I started my journey, I knew a couple friends I could use as a mentor, but besides that, I had to scrub the web through the thousands of videos and blog articles on how people setup their web blog studio. Honesty, this included watching the makeup and hair video blogs that my wife suggested I look at to help me. I am a very creative person, so I wanted to start a video blog to complement my existing WordPress blog, but I wanted to let my creative side out and experiment with stage and set design, lighting, and video editing as well as the functional desire for a video blog.

I completed my quest of producing a YouTube Channel. I was determined to set a traditional schedule like publishing 2 times a month. However, after going back to work full time, I soon realized that the hours I had dedicated to educating myself on how to produce a YouTube channel had been vastly reduced due to the demands of a professional management / team leadership career in Microsoft Business Intelligence. Not only did my available hours to produce content drop, I also realized I did not have a defined “voice” for my channel and thus I was lacking a creative vision. Unfortunately, due to these two circumstances, I stopped producing all content for my blog and channel.

My mentor for this channel and many other professionals I know personally share their content with different strategies, but they all seem to focus on the technical aspects of Business Intelligence and SQL Server. I made this observation over the past couple months since starting my new job. During those same months, I also felt like that if I could differentiate myself from the other professionals in my field, I could then find “my voice.”

With this time for reflection, I was reminded that I already spent 3 years of my life achieving my MBA from a US Top 25 Program. I also knew that I wanted this master’s degree to help me stand out during succession planning, but also to fulfill my desire to move into a management career path.

Getting my MBA was not the only thing I did to help me stand out during succession planning, and to fulfill my desire to move into a management career path. I also hired a career coach and started discovering myself as a manager, by discovering myself. I did this by working with my career coach on topics of including Myers-Briggs personality types, Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Soft Skills, Team Leadership, and Management. One aspect of my new voice is to encourage all subscribers to take a free Myers-Briggs test to use to collaborate with blog and video posts.

Finally, I have taken detailed notes from over the 20 years in IT where numerous Fortune 500 companies invested heavy in their management and leadership training programs. These training programs range from consulting, to project management, to team leadership, and to management responsibilities.

Looking at my MBA experience, Career Coaching, and Professional Corporate Training, it is now clear to me what I should differentiate my blog and channel on. My blog and channel will be differentiated on Team Leadership and the Management of Business Intelligence and SQL Server.

In an effort to establish myself as an expert on Business Intelligence Team Leadership and Management, I plan on throwing away all planned publishing schedules. I will now publish when I have my creative voice focused enough to write a short series of related topics. Not every short series will be on team leadership and management. Many will be technical, but these technical topics will be more specific and contrasting to topics discussed using my voice. Examples of Business Intelligence Team Leadership and Management may include:

  • Technical Mentoring versus EQ Mentoring versus Career Mentoring
  • Management Styles in Terms of Personality
  • Delegation Styles for Local, Cross-Cultural, and Off-Shore Resources

I plan on finalizing the details of my first short series soon after SQL Saturday Dallas BI #603 on March 4th, 2017, where I am speaking on my topic “Creating a Data Loading Strategy.”

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— Ryan